For all your discovery needs.

High-quality Whole Genome Sequencing from our global CAP/CLIA certified labs, including local, concierge-level project management support.

Your data is delivered to you securely on the cloud. In addition, we can take your data and provide actionable insights with variant annotation and reports.

What's Included:

  • CLIA grade sample quality control
  • Optimized library construction using industry standard library preparation kits
  • Sequencing machine: NovaSeq 6000

Sample Requirements: 

  • Sample preparation from: FFPE samples (our proprietary SeqPlus service), blood, saliva, tissue, cultured cells, or dried blood spots

Data Deliverables: 

  • Raw Data (30X FASTQ Normal)
  • Sample QC Report
  • Data QC Report

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*Minimum of 8 samples.


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